The hippoRENT system is now available as a inworld-only system (consisting of rental boxes, servers and vendors) or with an optional web-plugin module, allowing full control of your rental business using your web browser. The latest version of hippoRENT is v5.65. If you’re an older user, you might like to read the What’s New in the Latest Version? document for details of the new features and a summary of how to use them.

Inworld Functions Web Enabled Functions
What’s in the Carton?
Getting Started with the Inworld System
Rental Box Guide
Server and Router Guide
Vendor Guide
Upgrading an Old Rental System to the Latest Version
What’s in the Carton?
Using the Web Plugin System

We also have some useful Tips for Landlords, if you’re new to the land or property rental business and, if you’re a scripter, a notecard describing the Software Development Kit (SDK) built into the rental boxes, allowing you to add your own functionality to them.

hippoRENT Map Table

hippoMEDIA — Land Parcel Video, Audio and Web Management

hippoVEND Web-Enabled Vending System

Text Documents

Video Guides

hippoGIFT ... Gift Voucher Module for hippoVEND

hippoGROUPS ... People and Organisation Management

hippoSLIDESHOW - Picture Presentation System

Video Guides

hippoBOOK - The Complete Publishing Solution

hippoSECURE ... Protect Your Land and Home

hippoINVENTORY- Organize Anything

hippoTELEPORT - Intra-Sim Teleport System

hippoWINDOWS - Home Customisation System

hippoUPDATE - Automatic Product Update Server

hippoTELL Web-Enabled Noticeboard

Text Documents

Video Guides

hippoVISIT Visitor Tracking and Alert System

hippoIMAGE Texture Browser

hippoPRIMS - Prim Counting Tool for Use on Group Land

hippoSYNC - Synchronize the Changes Made to Objects

Management Module - Enable others to use your web-enabled products