hippoGROUPS User Guide

The My hippoGROUPS part of our website allows you to ...

  • Browse messages from any hippoGROUPS you are part of.

  • Leave groups and, if you really want, block people from adding you to a group.

  • If you have manager status within a hippoGROUP, you can use whatever manager functions the group owner has granted you.

How Do I Get Started?

You’ll need a password! Get one by visiting our main store and clicking on one of the hippoGROUPS Password Creator panels that can be found on the balcony outside. They look like this:

(If you later forget your password, you can come back and click the sign again!)

Once you have one, visit the My hippoGROUPS part of our website and login with your Second Life name and the password given to you above. (You can change your password to something more meaningful later, if you wish.)

Group List

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of hippoGROUPS that you belong to, for example like this:

To read the messages in a group, click its “Read Messages” link. To send a message, use the “New Message” button at the bottom of the message list you’ll then see.

To leave a group, click its “Leave Group” link.

To leave the group and block the owner from ever adding you to any groups again, click the “Leave & Block Owner” link.

If you have manager rights in a group, you may also see an option to “Browse Members” for a group. See the main hippoGROUPS documentation for how to use the manager tools.

Changing Your Password

If you would like to change your My hippoGROUPS password to something more meaningful, click on “Change Password” at the top of the screen (under “My hippoGROUPS” and your name). Enter your old password, a new password (and confirm it) and click on the button to save the change. Do remember — never use your Second Life password! Pick an original password, unique to My hippoGROUPS.

Blocking and Unblocking People

If you’ve fallen out with someone or are suffering froman idiot sending you messages you don’t want, you can block somebody (and their managers) from ever adding you to a hippoGROUP again. One method is the “Leave & Block Owner” method described above. The other is to ...

  • Click ”Block List” at the top of the screen (under “My hippoGROUPS” and your name).

  • To add somebody to this list, simply click on the button and provide their name in the space that will appear. Please note, you can still join a hippoGROUP of somebody you have blocked, simply by using one of their signup terminals inworld, if they have one rezzed.

  • To remove somebody you’ve previously blocked, simply click the icon.

  • To block anybody from adding you to any hippoGROUP, click the button. (This is a drastic measure and may block certain product update systems from sending you product updates). To reverse it, you can simply click the button which will appear if you have global blocking turned on. Please note, when you have global blocking turned on ...

    • You can still join somebody’s group using an inworld terminal if you choose

    • If you rent from a landlord who has connected their rental box to a hippoGROUP, you’ll be added to the group (as you’ve chosen to enter into a rental contract with them)

    • If you rez an affiliate (catalogue) vendor from a merchant who has connected their affiliate programme to a hippoGROUP, you’ll be aded to the group — again, you have chosen to enter into the affiliate programme and sell their products.