What's New in the Latest Version of hippoIMAGE?

Here’s a brief overview of what’s new in version 1.5 of hippoIMAGE. For full instructions on each new feature, consult the regular user guide.

  • Now Running on Mono
    We’ve converted hippoIMAGE to Mono, the new, improved Second Life scripting engine. See here for more information on Mono.

  • Integrates with hippoGROUPS
    If you’re using your hippoIMAGE browser to sell textures, you can choose to automatically add purchasers to a hippoGROUP using the new ADD PURCHASERS TO HIPPOGROUP: <hippogroup name> command in the “_config” notecard. (If you’re not a subscriber to hippoGROUPS, see here for more information!)

  • Volume Control
    Use the new VOLUME command in the “_config” notecard to determine whether your hippoIMAGE unit whispers, says, shouts (or ownersays) anything it chats.

  • Search by Creator or Texture Key
    Just type a key when you’re searching and hippoIMAGE will find textures with that UUID key or textures created by an avatar with that UUID key.

  • Advanced Texture List
    Use the new “Adv List” button in the tools menu to display a list of your textures complete with their UUID keys and permissions (current owner, next owner).

  • Slideshow Mode
    A hippoIMAGE browser can now be configured to cycle through its textures (or return to the first) after a period of inactivity.