hippoPRIMS User Guide

Welcome to hippoPRIMS, an easy-to-use tool designed to make it really easy for users of group land to see their prim counts. It consists of two items:

  • hippoPRIMS Base Station (-copy, +mod, +transfer)

  • hippoPRIMS Remote Counter (+copy, +mod, +transfer)

As the land owner, you simply rez (and deed to the group the land is set to) a hippoPRIMS Base Station and give out hippoPRIMS Remote Counters to your friends and land users. When they rez and a click a Remote Counter, provided they're standing on land set to the same group as the Base Station and are in the same sim, the remote will contact the Base Station and obtain their prim count for them.

One Base Station can count the prims on any parcel owned by the same group in the sim. For multiple sims, just purchase a second package.

Using it is simplicity itself ...

  1. Rez a Base Station on a piece of group land in the sim.

  2. Edit the '_config' notecard that lives inside it (right click the Base Station, choose "Edit" (and possibly "More>>>"), then find the "Contents" tab to find this notecard).

  3. After the OWNER/MANAGERS command, add the names of yourself and anybody else you wish to be able to click the Base Station and get full prim details; for example, OWNER/MANAGERS: David Smith, Bob Jones, Fred Soap

  4. Save the notecard. Click the Base Station and check it's producing prim counts.

  5. Deed the Base Station to the group that owns the land. This is VITAL. Unless you deed the Base Station, it will fail to get prim counts when you're offline or out of the sim.

    Remember that once you’ve deeded the Base Station to a group, you no longer “own” it from Second Life’s point of view. So make sure you set the “_config“ notecard options correctly before deeding it as there is no way to change it afterwards. If you need to retrieve a Base Station after deeding it, right-click it and choose “More” then “Return” to send it back to your inventory.

  6. Give out Remote Counters to anybody you wish to get a prim count.

  7. Anybody who rezzes a Remote Counter (or wears it) and clicks it whilst standing on a piece of land in the sim that's deeded to the same land group as the Base Station will be told how many prims they have rezzed.

  8. You, or anybody you named in OWNER/MANAGERS in step (3), can also click the Base Station itself to get a complete list of prim owners on the parcel the Base Station is sitting on.


You may have noticed that the "_config" notecard contains two other commands — SIM WIDE and IGNORE TEMP PRIMS. If you set the first to "Yes" (e.g. SIM WIDE: Yes) then when the Base Station is touched, its "All" and "Group" counts will reflect prims rezzed on ALL group land in the sim, not just the parcel the Base Station is on. Similarly, if you set IGNORE TEMP PRIMS: Yes, then "All" and "Group" counts will ignore any temporary prims on the parcel.

That's all there is to it. We hope you enjoy using hippoPRIMS!

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