hippoRENT - What’s in the Carton?

The hippoRENT product carton comes full of a number of important different parts of your rental system, each of which is briefly described below. To unpack your carton, simply rez it in any land parcel that has scripts enabled, then click it. You will given an inventory folder with each item below contained with it.

  • Rental Box
    A rental box is placed at each of your properties or locations to collect rent and manage tenants. It forms the heart of the rental system.

  • Rental Server
    This enables you to manage your rental empire from one location. Rez one at a nice central location (e.g. your own home parcel, as it's important not to delete it once it's up and running) and connect each rental box to it as described in the other notecards.

  • Networked Router
    For advanced users, the router allows you to server configuration notecards to boxes and vendors so that one configuration can drive multiple boxes or vendors. See part 4 of the ‘Server and Router Guide’ for full details. (Only advanced users will ever use it, so if you're new to the product, ignore this for now!)

  • Rental Vendor
    By connecting a vendor to a server, you can easily advertise your properties anywhere on the Second Life Grid. Your carton contains four vendor types (two single panel designs and two different multi-panel types). Like all the rental system items, vendors can be modified if you wish to use your own design.

  • Rental Sign
    A rental sign can be connected to a rental box. When you do this, anybody renting the box can click the sign and follow the simple instructions to retexture it. This is useful if, for example, you're running a mall and renting shops -- you can include the rental sign as part of standard store design and anybody renting can then easily add their company name / logo etc. to the sign, without having to ask you to teleport in to do it for them. Read the help notecards in the sign's inventory for information on how to use it.

  • PLUGIN_rental_sign Script
    Needed by the Rental Sign and described in its help document.

  • Networked Prim Counter
    If you're going to ask your rental box to automatically count individual tenant prims (not "all" or "group" prims) on land you've deeded to a group, you'll need to use this device which can be deeded to your land group. See its help document for instructions on how to use it.

  • PLUGIN_prim_counter Script
    Needed by the Networked Prim Counter and described in its help document.

  • Rental Box Upgrade Disc
    If you’re a user of an older version of the rental system, you can use this disc to automatically upgrade your rental boxes to the latest version.

  • Server Upgrade Disc
    Automatically upgrades older servers to the latest version.

  • Instruction Notecards
    Copies of the hippoRENT documentation are provided in notecard form. We recommend you use the web-based help files if you can, since you can search those more easily than Second Life notecards; see

  • Affiliate Vendor
    We have a generous affiliate scheme. By rezzing the affiliate vendor and following the simple instructions, you can sell hippoRENT to people and keep 20% commission on each sale!

  • Landmark to the main Hippo Technologies Store
    Updates, information and new products can be found at our main store.

Finally, we recommend to all customers that they join the Hippo Technologies Users Group in Second Life. It’s a friendly community and lots of advice, tips and support can often be found by asking nicely! Drop one of our support staff an IM to request a group invite.

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