hippoRENT Web Plugin - What’s in the Carton?

The hippoRENT Web Plugin product carton comes with a number of important items, each of which is briefly described below. To unpack your carton, simply rez it in any land parcel that has scripts enabled, then click it. You will given an inventory folder with each item below contained with it.

Please note, if you’ve bought hippoRENT Complete, the contents of your carton will be almost identical to the below — you’ll also have a rental box (with the web plugin preinstalled, so you don’t need to fiddle around with discs and a carton containing all of the inworld-only hippoRENT devices in case you ever need them). The Complete carton also comes with an upgrade disc to update earlier web-enabled boxes the latest version; simply rez it next to an old box and follow the instructions the disc chats to you. (If you want to use the inworld (non-web enabled) server or vendors for some reason, you’ll find those in the “hippoRENT v5.x” carton inside your Complete carton. But most web-enabled users won’t ever need to touch them (hence why they buried one level down!)

  • HippoTech Website Registration Pass
    If you don’t already have an account on the secure users part of our website, you’ll need to create one. Simply rez this device inworld, click it and an account and password (given to you via chat) will be created. You can change your password easily if you don’t like the one given you. Should you ever forget your password, you can rez this device again and touch it to get a reminder.

  • hippoRENT Web Plugin Installer
    Use this installer to add web functionality to an existing rental box. Simply rez it next to a rental box and follow the instructions chatted to you by the installer. Please note, this only works on boxes that are the same version as the Installer (e.g. if installing v5.65 of the web plugin, make sure the box is v5.65 first). If you have earlier box versions rezzed, first upgrade those first to the latest version. See the ‘Upgrading Your Older Rental System to the Latest Version’ document for notes on how to do this. Once you’ve installed the plugin into one rental box, you might want to take a copy of that into inventory and rez that whenever you need a new box.

  • hippoRENT Web Server
    The web server’s job is to hold notecards, landmarks and textures that you wish to use in your web-enabled rental boxes and vendors. Unlike the non-web server, it doesn’t keep track of rental boxes — instead, you’ll use the website. What the web-enabled server enables you to do is keep all of your tenant information notecards, landmarks and vendor pictures in one location.

  • hippoRENT Web Vendor
    Four types of vendor are provided — two single-panel types and two multi-panel types. Use these to advertise any properties managed by your web-enabled rental boxes. (If you have hippoRENT v5.65 or higher, there’s a fifth vendor type: a “single prim, multi-item” vendor).

  • Instruction Notecards
    Copies of the documentation are provided in notecard form. However, we recommend you use the web-based help files if you can, since you can search those more easily than Second Life notecards (and they can be updated by us).

  • Affiliate Vendor
    We have a generous affiliate scheme. By rezzing the affiliate vendor and following the simple instructions, you can sell hippoRENT and the web plugin to people and keep 20% commission on each sale!

  • Landmark to the main Hippo Technologies Store
    Updates, information and new products can be found here.

To find out about using your new web plugin module, see the ‘Using the Web Plugin System’ document.

We recommend to all customers that they join the Hippo Technologies Users Group in Second Life. It’s a friendly community and lots of advice, tips and support can often be found by asking nicely! Drop one of our support staff an IM to request a group invite.

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