hippoRENT - Upgrading Your Older Rental System

Upgrading a Network with a Server in it

If you’re using a rental server (not web-enabled), you should begin by upgrading that first. It will lose its list of rental boxes but, as each rental box automatically contacts the server every two hours, the new server will eventually catch up with the rental boxes.

To upgrade your server, rez the Upgrade Disc: hippoRENT (Non Web Enabled) Server object next to your server and follow the instructions it chats to you.

Once your server has been upgraded, you can proceed to the steps below to upgrade your boxes. Upgrading will preserve any tenancy on the box, although you’ll need to re-enter any partner name if there was one. Upgrading will also cause a box to reload its configuration (either from its notecard, or from the website: so if you’d made any “soft” changes via voice commands, they’ll be lost).

Upgrading Rental Boxes

There are two ways to upgrade rental boxes to the latest version. Method 1 is simpler, but slightly slower. Method 2 is more technical but, if you’re a Second Life whizz kid, may be quicker. Make sure if using the web-enabled version of hippoRENT, you upgrade both the box scripts and the web plugin scripts — there’s a disc in the hippoRENT Complete carton to do this in one step.

Method 1

  • Rez the Upgrade Disc: hippoRENT Rental Box next to the rental box you wish to upgrade. (If you’re upgrading a web-enabled rental box, use the Upgrade Disc: hippoRENT Rental Box (Web-Enabled) instead, as it will upgrade the box and your web plugin module at the same time).

    Useful Tip If you have several rental boxes to upgrade, try wearing or attaching the disc. You can then walk or fly to each box in turn and follow the steps below. It’s a good time-saver!

  • Follow the instructions it chats to you. (It will ask you to touch the rental box and issue an 'Update' voice command).

  • Wait until the disc reports the upgrade has successfully been carried out; the rental box will then reset itself. No tenancy data will be lost, although if there is a partner on the rental you will need to add them afresh.

  • Repeat for each rental box you have.

Method 2

  • Rez a brand new version rental box next to your old rental box.

  • Replace the configuration card in the new box with the configuration card from the old box, via whichever method you prefer.

  • If the old box is rented, copy the description of the prim (right click the box, choose Edit, to see it). The description will be a series of data items, separated by the ^ symbol.

  • Click the new box, choose ‘Voice Cmd’ from the menu that appears, then type LOAD followed by what you just copied, e.g.

    LOAD Pathfinder Linden^12^2006-12-14^37982^0e9fd382-7f9b-4ea4-8cb8-4228747b04bc^0

  • The new box will load up the old tenancy and, since it has the configuration details of the old box, will now be an exact mirror of it.

  • You can now delete the old box.

  • If you’re using the web-enabled version of the rental boxes, you can achieve a similar effect using the copy configuration tool (at the bottom of the box configuration page) and the copy tenancy command.

Upgrading Vendors

If you’ve upgraded to hippoRENT v5.65 or higher, update discs for vendors are included. To upgrade a rental vendor ....

  • Rez a vendor upgrade disc next to the vendor. (Please note: if it’s a web-enabled vendor, ensure you use the “Web Enabled Vendor Upgrade Disc”.

  • Click the vendor, choose “Voice Cmd” and type UPGRADE.

  • A menu will appear asking you to confirm your action. Do so, and the vendor will be upgraded.

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