What’s New in the Latest Version of hippoSECURE?

This document describes what’s new in each major update to hippoSECURE. It currently describes:

What’s New in Version 1.6 of hippoSECURE?

The new features are listed below. You can update an existing hippoSECURE unit by rezzing the supplied update disc next to it and following the instructions. However, we’d recommend that you try the new features out first on a freshly rezzed hippoSECURE v1.6 unit, so you can familiarize yourself with them!

  • Time Restricted White Lists
    You can now choose to add somebody to a white list for just a limited period; simply add :<time in minutes> after their name when typing it (or entering it into a configuration notecard). For example typing “David Dimpleknees:12” would add David for 12 minutes. For your reference, the white list print out will note if anybody has a time limit.

  • Email Logs
    You can easily email the contents of your hippoSECURE unit’s logs, if keeping them, to an email address; simply add EMAIL ADDRESS: <address> to its configuration notecard (e.g. EMAIL ADDRESS: You’ll then be able to use the “Email Logs” button under the logs sub-menu. Please note that a large log may take a while to email: it will split across several emails and due to the way Second Life functions, only one email can be sent by the logs script every 20 seconds. You can also tell a hippoSECURE unit to automatically send logs every so often — just use EMAIL LOGS EVERY: <time in hours>, e.g. EMAIL LOGS EVERY: 24 to have them sent once per day. The data in a log email is exactly the same as that printed via chat when you use the “List” option in the logs menu — you’ll get the SL date and time, the visitor’s name, Second Life key, and what action was taken against them, if any.

  • Lost Ejector Finder
    If you’ve forgotten where you rezzed an Ejector in your sim, simply use the new “Ejectors” menu (under the “Tools” sub-menu; note it only appears when networking is turned on). It offers two options: to find every active Ejector of yours in the sim (you’ll be told where they are, along with a SLurl for handy teleporting), or to ask every active Ejector of yours in the sim to delete itself. (Note: this only works for Ejectors that are (a) networked correctly to the hippoSECURE unit; and (b) actively functioning).

  • White List Applies Faster
    If you add a friend to your white list after they’ve already been warned, they’ll no longer get ejected. (Basically, hippoSECURE now “zaps” its “pending ejections” list whenever you change the white list).

  • Extra Group Tag Checking
    If running in “allow group access” mode, somebody’s group tag is checked a second time before they’re ejected. (This prevents the scenario whereby somebody could TP in, get warned, change their group, but still get ejected).

  • Disable Global Mode Change Option
    For convenience, you can force hippoSECURE units not to offer to replicate mode changes across other units when networked; simply add OFFER GLOBAL MODE CHANGES: No to a hippoSECURE unit’s “_config” notecard. (To switch it back on, use OFFER GLOBAL MODE CHANGES: Yes).

  • Ejector Debug Mode
    Having problems with an Ejector? Just change its prim description to ‘debug mode’ and click it. It’ll now be in “debug mode” and will chat information on what it’s doing (e.g. trying to eject somebody) whenever a hippoSECURE unit talks to it.

  • More Logging Options
    Add the new LOG PEOPLE IGNORED WHEN RUNNING IN BLACK LIST MODE: Yes command to a hippoSECURE unit’s “_config” card and if you’re logging activity and the mode is set to only eject people on the black list, then casual visitors will also be logged for you, enabling you to see who has visited, even if no action was taken against them.

  • Load Separate Configuration Notecards When Rented
    You can now have a hippoSECURE unit load a separate configuration notecard when its connected rental box becomes vacant. Simply add a notecard called “_config_rented” to its contents ... it’s as easy that. Useful tip: you may also want to use this feature along with the the RESET AND RELOAD WHEN TENANT LEAVES: Yes configuration command; that would the allow you to have the regular “_config” card automatically load when a tenant leaves, too. (If using the Network Menu -> Security -> Copy Notecards option, you’ll be offered the change to also copy the “_config_rented” card, if one exists.)

  • Automatically Change Mode When a Tenant Leaves
    If you’re using hippoSECURE in combination with hippoRENT, you can now automatically change the mode when the tenant on the connected rental box leaves. Simply add MODE WHEN TENANT LEAVES: <off/black list/all/scan only> to the hippoSECURE unit’s “_config” notecard. For example, this might be very useful if you would like prospective tenants to be able to look round an empty property — in that scenario, simply use MODE WHEN TENANT LEAVES: Off.

What Was New in Version 1.5 of hippoSECURE?

The new features are listed below. You can update an existing hippoSECURE unit by rezzing the supplied update disc next to it and following the instructions. However, we’d recommend that you try the new features out first on a freshly rezzed hippoSECURE v1.5, so you can familiarize yourself with them!

  • Now Running on Mono
    We’ve converted hippoSECURE to Mono, the new, improved Second Life scripting engine. See here for more information about Mono.
    Important Note ... Mono still has a couple of rare and obscure bugs (see e.g. here and here for more information) which the forthcoming Second Life server 1.25 release should fix. If you see an obscure error in your chat history, especially when first rezzing a hippoSECURE unit, selecting it and choosing the Second Life “Tools” menu then “Reset Scripts in Selection” should solve it. We hope the new Second Life server version will fix these final Mono problems.

  • Longer Lists
    You can now add to 500 people to the white list and 500 to the black list. The managers list can now hold up to 100 people.

  • Ban or Accept Based on Payment Status or Age
    The white and black lists can now check people’s payment status and Second Life age. So you can now grant access, or ban people, based on those criteria. See here for information on how to set this up.

  • Toggle the Mode on Multiple Units
    If you’ve networked several hippoSECURE units together, then when changing the mode (off/scan only/black list/all) via the menu on any unit you’ll be offered the opportunity to switch the mode on every connected hippoSECURE unit as well. This makes it very quick to change security levels on every unit in a sim at once, for example.

  • List Copying
    You can easily copy the entire white, black and managers lists from one hippoSECURE unit to all the other units on the same network. Once you’ve set up networking between units, simply click the hippoSECURE unit that you wish to copy the lists from. Choose “Networking”, then “Security” and finally choose “Copy Lists”.

  • Copy “_config” Notecards
    Instantly copy a “_config” notecard from one hippoSECURE unit to any units on its network. Simply use the new “Copy Notecard” button which will appear on the Network -> Security menu once you have intra-unit networking set up correctly and turned on (and a “_config” notecard in the unit!)

  • Visitor Logging
    Add LOG VISITORS: Yes to your hippoSECURE unit’s “_config” notecard and it will begin to log visitors. Use the “Logs” menu item to see the contents of your logs or to reset them. Up to 100 visitors can be logged (then older records will be deleted). If somebody visits more than once, only one visit per day will be recorded. The logs record whether they were permitted to pass or ejected.

  • Reset Menu Button
    To avoid accidental configuration changes, updates to the“_config” notecard only get applied if you click your hippoSECURE unit and choose “Reset”.

  • Specify Rectangular Boundaries Using Relative Coordinates
    It’s now much easier to set up rectangular scan areas as you can use relative coordinates. For example, to set up a bounding box that extends 10 metres around and 5 metres above and below a hippoSECURE unit, you’d use <-10, -10, -5>|<+10, +10, +5> ... if a + or - sign occurs before a number, hippoSECURE will take it as a relative value: if there isn’t, it will take it as an actual coordinate. You can mix the two coordinate types, e.g. <-10, 190, -15>|145, +15, 530>.

  • Customize Warning Messages
    You can use the new GENERAL WARNING and BLACKLIST WARNING commands in a “_config” notecard to customize the dialog menu messages shown to people who trespass. Both commands can use “smart tags” to insert names, parcel names, etc. — see here for all the possibilities!

  • White List, Black List and Manager List Case Insensitive
    A little touch to make it easier to add people to your lists.

  • Easily Add Nearby People to Lists
    If the person you wish to add to a white, black or manager list is standing within scan range, simply use the new “Add Nearby” button on the white, black or manager list menus ... you’ll be given a list of nearby people to choose from to add. This can save lots of typing!

  • Switch Modes Automatically When Owner In Range
    Using the new MODE WHEN OWNER IS IN RANGE command in a “_config” notecard, you can tell your hippoSECURE unit to automatically change to a different mode when you are in range of it. Perhaps you might use a combination of MODE: All and MODE WHEN OWNER IS IN RANGE: Black List to eject everybody when you’re away from home and only enemies when you’re back at home.

  • Synchronize Access Lists with Doors
    If you’re using the door plugin module and the hippoRENT rental system you can now easily synchronize your door’s access list with a hippoSECURE unit’s white list. This needs version 5.2 of the door, so grab an upgrade if you need one. See here for more information.

  • Change Mode When a New Tenant Rents a Connected Rental Box
    Use the new SWITCH TO MODE ON NEW TENANT: <mode> command to have hippoSECURE change mode when a new tenancy is detected. Use this in conjunction with RESET AND RELOAD WHEN TENANT LEAVES: Yes, for example, and you can set up hippoSECURE so it powers down when there is no tenant (allowing potential tenants to visit) and then switches, perhaps to “Black List” mode, when somebody rents.

  • Specify the Ban Length for Land Bans
    If you’ve set your hippoSECURE unit to add miscreants to the land ban list, the new BAN LENGTH: <time in hours> command can be added to your hippoSECURE unit’s “_config“ notecard to govern how long that ban will last. Use BAN LENGTH: 0 to set a permanent ban (the default setting, if you don’t specify another).

  • Test Mode
    Easily check you’ve set up your scan area correctly. Simply pop the hippoSECURE unit into “Scan Only” mode then click it and choose “Tools” then “Test On”. Every time it scans you, the unit will send you an instant message. This allows you to simply wander around your land and check it’s detecting in the right places. When you’re finished, “Test Off” will cancel test mode.

We hope you find the new features useful!

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