What’s New in the Latest Version of hippoTELEPORT?

This document describes what’s new in each major update to hippoTELEPORT. It currently describes:

What’s new in hippoTELEPORT v1.9?

Welcome to the latest version of hippoTELEPORT. Each new feature is listed below. For full information on each new feature, please consult the regular user guide.

  • Landmark Mode
    A teleporter can now be set to run off any landmarks in its inventory, rather than network with other teleport stations. Simply add some landmarks to a teleporter’s inventory, add the line LANDMARK MODE: Yes to a fresh line in its “_config” notecard then reset it. When running in this mode, locations can only be shown on the Second Life map, sit and/or move mode's won’t work. Finally, if you wish to have pictures accompany your landmark locations, just add some textures to the teleporter’s inventory — the first picture will be used with the first landmark, the second picture with the second location and so on.

  • Exclude Certain Locations
    Want to exclude certain locations from a particular teleporter? Simply add the new EXCLUDE LOCATIONS CONTAINING: <words> command to a teleporter’s “_config” notecard; e.g. EXCLUDE LOCATIONS CONTAINING: Shop — in this example, the teleporter would simply ignore any others containing the word “Shop” in their name. You can use multiple words by separating them with commas: e.g. EXCLUDE LOCATIONS CONTAINING: Shop,Chocolate,Belgium.

  • Customize the Message Used In Map Mode
    Add the new MAP MODE MESSAGE: <text> command to your teleporter’s “_config” notecard to customize the message a teleporter unit chats when it opens the Second Life map window if running in map mode; for example MAP MODE MESSAGE: Please click me again to open the Second Life map window.

  • Connect One Teleporter to Multiple Rental Boxes
    If using hippoTELEPORT with hippoRENT and you want to restrict use of a teleporter to tenants, you can now connect one teleporter to multiple rental boxes. This makes creating communal teleporters in e.g. apartment buildings much, much easier. Simply use the new PLUGIN_hippoTELEPORT_mk2 script in your rental boxes. (Please note, that if using this plugin script, the RESET ACCESS LIST WHEN TENANT CHANGES command will be ignored by the teleporter. This is for obvious reasons: if you’ve got, say, three rental boxes networked to one teleporter, it would be extremely annoying for tenants one and two if the access list got wiped every time the third rental box got a new tenant). If you wish to use RESET ACCESS LIST WHEN TENANT CHANGES: Yes, then you’ll want to use the PLUGIN_hippoTELEPORT script instead (which remains the same as it has in previous versions.

  • Reduced Scripts
    Sub panels and arrows no longer contain any scripts, thus reducing the number of scripts (and lag) considerably. This does mean if you wish to customize the “blank panel texture”, the picture used for an empty panel, or when the location being shown doesn’t have a picture, you can’t do this any longer by simply adding the texture to the sub panel concerned. Instead, add the new BLANK PANEL TEXTURE KEY: <texture key> command to your teleporter's “_config” notecard; e.g. BLANK PANEL TEXTURE KEY: 7469c63f-68fa-d78a-7c92-df893c345f3a. The key is the key of the texture you wish to use. (You can get a texture’s key, if you have full permissions for it, by right-clicking it in your inventory and choosing “Copy Asset UUID”).

Please note that earlier teleporter types can’t be automatically upgraded, since we’ve removed many of the scripts from their sub-prims; instead, replace your old teleporters if you wish to take advantage of the new features in v1.9. Please note that you can happily mix v1.9 and v1.8 teleporters on the same network (but earlier models, e.g. 1.7 and earlier, used a different communications format and will not be recognised by type v1.9 teleporters).

What was new in hippoTELEPORT v1.8?

  • Now running on Mono
    We’ve converted hippoTELEPORT to Mono, the new, improved Second Life scripting engine. See here for more information on Mono.
  • Usage Logs
    hippoTELEPORT now logs usage. For each teleport in and out you can see the date, time, avatar name, the name of the teleport station they went to (or came from) and its location.

  • Teleport-In-Only Mode
    Use the new TELEPORT IN ONLY: Yes setting in the “_config” notecard and a teleport pad can act as an arrival point only. Use the TELEPORT IN ONLY TEXT: <text> command to specify what hovertext, if any, to show over the pad when running in this mode.

  • Password Access
    You can use the LOCATION PASSWORD: <password text> command in a “_config” notecard to specify a password that must be supplied in order for somebody to teleport to this particular teleport station.

  • Sort Locations
    You can choose to have a teleport station sort its list of other teleporters alphabetically by name; just use SORT LOCATIONS: Ascending in the “_config” card to sort them into ascending alphabetical order or SORT LOCATIONS: Descending to reverse sort them. (There’s a short delay (about 20 seconds) between a teleporter adding a new location to its list and the list being sorted.)

  • Give Inventory or Send Messages When People Teleport In or Out
    A teleporter can be configured so that it gives a specified piece of inventory and/or sends an instant message (IM) to people who teleport out from it or arrive at it. Check out the new GIVE ITEM ON TELEPORT OUT, GIVE ITEM ON TELEPORT IN, IM ON TELEPORT OUT and IM ON TELEPORT IN commands in the user guide for more information (including how to use smart tags in your messages to insert eg. the name of the teleportee).

  • Count Teleports In and Out
    A teleporter’s status report now includes how many people have teleported out from and in to this teleport station. (You can reset the tally using the “Clear Counts” button in the Tools menu).

  • Autostart
    If you edit the description of the teleport station object using the Second Life build tools so it reads “Autostart” then a teleporter will automatically load its “_config” notecard and startup when it is rezzed (or if a major sim crash causes all of its scripts to reset). (Normally you’d use a teleporter’s “Reset” menu command to start it).

  • Self Healing Networks
    If you use the new AUTO TRANSMIT EVERY: <time in seconds> command in a “_config” card, a teleport station will broadcast its details at the time interval you choose. Combine this with the “autostart” option above and you can create a network that will “self-heal” if a major sim crash resets every teleporter. We don’t recommend setting AUTO TRANSMIT EVERY too low as it can be quite laggy: if you use AUTO TRANSMIT EVERY: 3600 along with the “autostart” option, your network would recover itself within an hour following a major sim incident.

  • Larger Access Lists
    You can now have up to 500 people on an access list.

  • Bigger Teleport Networks
    Each teleport station can now hold the details of up to 200 other teleporters.

  • Automatically Adjust Mode When Tenancy On Connected Rental Box Changes
    Simply add AUTO ADJUST MODE DEPENDING ON TENANCY: Yes in a teleporter’s “_config” notecard and it will run in open mode (so anybody can use it) when its connected box is not rented, but automatically flip to restricted mode the moment there is a tenant. This can be very useful if you want prospective tenants to be able to look round e.g. a sky home before renting. Please note: ensure you also have MODE: Open set in your “_config” notecard if using this function, or you’ll get some odd results!

How Do I Upgrade to hippoTELEPORT v1.8?

If you’re a user of the full (not demo) version of hippoTELEPORT and have an earlier version you’d like to upgrade, this can be done free of charge. Simply visit the main Hippo Technologies Store inworld and use any one of the three updater machines upstairs in our Customer Services Department ...

  • Select "hippoTELEPORT” by using the arrows on the front of the machine

  • Click the big, red “Get Update” button

  • Once the machine confirms that it can find your customer record, you’ll shortly get given version 1.8

After you’ve unpacked your hippoTELEPORT v1.8 carton you can either simply rez new teleporters (and perhaps copy over your old ‘_config’ notecards), or you can upgrade your existing teleporters. To upgrade, simply use the hippoTELEPORT Update Disc supplied in your carton ...

  • Rez the Upgrade Disc next to your old teleporter and follow the instructions.

  • Remember that you shouldn’t mix version 1.8 and older teleporters on the same network. So upgrade all of your teleporters!

  • Once the upgrade has been applied, reset the teleporter from its menu to reload its ‘_config’ notecard and bring it back online.

  • The Upgrade Disc will not replace your old ‘_config’ notecard. So be aware that some of the new features may require adding lines to your ‘_config’ card before they will work as described.

What was new in hippoTELEPORT v1.5?

  • Altitude Limit Increase
    The altitude limit on move-type teleports is now 9999m (although you may get odd effects at very high altitudes).

  • Manual Destination Mode
    The new “Manual Destination” tool (in the Tools menu) allows you to enter a temporary destination manually; this can be very useful when setting up a network as it can save lots of time flying around a sim.

What was new in hippoTELEPORT v1.01?

  • Extra Rental Box Connectivity Options
    One teleporter can now be connected to multiple rental boxes and used to reach them. We’ve added this primarily with malls and estates in mind; customers can now quickly peruse the locations / stores available and teleport to the one they want. Rental boxes can send a different picture if they’re rented and, if you wish, not appear on teleporters when rented.

  • New 9 Panel Teleporter Type
    A 9 panel teleporter type is now included for those with lots of locations to show.

  • Set Avatar Rotation
    Teleporters can now specify an avatar’s rotation on arrival.

  • Teleport Out Only Mode
    You can designate a teleporter as a “teleport out only” point. It won’t show on other teleporters in the group, but will show them itself.